Pastor’s Greeting


January 2017

Dear PRC Family,

On Saturday I will be traveling to Washington D.C with other clergy and friends to stand with others who are very concerned about our country’s future.  As many of you know, I have a long history of social justice work and standing side by side with others who share the same concerns I have is a deep and urgent call that I will always answer.
There are many reasons that people are marching this weekend, but as your minister I want to tell you why I’m getting on a bus at 4:30am.  I’m not going as a Democrat or a Republican.    I’m going because I’m a white, middle class, educated woman who has an abundance of privileges that I have done nothing to earn.   I’m going because I am fearful for those who are not as fortunate.  I’m going because I took vows as minister of word and sacrament in Christ’s church that I would welcome the foreigner and care for the oppressed and the poor.  It is clear to me that all those whom the gospel calls us to love and care for are about to be in even greater need.
So, I will not be carrying a sign. I will wear my collar and live out my call to be a voice for those who are silenced or ignored.  And I will look forward to seeing you all on Sunday morning where we will continue to be the body of Christ, to be faithful witnesses to those who are suffering and to share the gospel of God’s love to a world that needs some serious love about now.
every blessing,
Pastor Cheri