Pastor’s Greeting


November 2017

Dear PRC Family,

We are entering the Advent Season; the season of waiting. Waiting is usually not

something that we welcome. But, the the time of waiting that we call Advent is not a

“sit in the chair” kind of waiting it is an active waiting.


There are two things that we do during this December time of waiting. The first is

that we get our physical space ready. We buy a tree, we write cards, we bake, we

buy gifts and we hang lights. We put these things in our churches and homes to

remind us that this is not an ordinary time; it is a special time of anticipation.


The second thing we do is to prepare internally; to tend to our hearts and minds

with the care and detail that we give to our Christmas tree or Christmas dinner.


This is a time to open our hearts and minds wider, much wider than usual to both

give and to receive!

every blessing,
Pastor Cheri